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Answering why

Mongoose that (Ko)Koa!

Ya know, I got thinking about this whole series about kokoa, whether it’s even needed – anyone can easily get kokoa docs, get router, write some code and get himself functional server. Why write tutorials? What is the meaning of life? Etc.
In short, that’s the basic problem, I’m hesitant to check how many valid and usefull kokoa tutorials are outie there, why write another one? What do I bring to the table? They all are identical, semantics change but ultimately you get to get data and return data,

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Routing (Ko)Koa

So, we’ve figured out how (Ko)Koa middleware should work, right-o? I think so, at the very least.

And.. thinking about it I finally understand why it was so strange to see empty server.js file and wonder what am I missing? Thing is – I’ve been working with either WP, which is basic PHP, or Nuxt completely serverless SPAs (where only thing we need server for is pre-rendering bunch of pages)

So, surprisingly I haven’t been working with either express or any Node servers for quite some time (not counting strange adventure into firebase functions-supported monstrocity)

And here I am,

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(Ko)Koa, I guess

Well, well, well. Here we go, Koa.js (forge-e-et about express)

To be fair, I have no idea where this is going, bu-u-ut I have general idea to build something commerce-oriented, since it employes several important aspects of web apps: APIs integrations, forms, media and admin\manager interface. (And current out-of-box solutions kinda suck in some or other regard, so I’ll be that cool kid that ~not~ fixes everything)

First off we’ll start by installing koa itself,

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